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Choice of Towels- How about Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel?

Choice of Towels- How about Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel?
Like all other things, you need to do some research before shopping for your bathtowels. Remember, not all bath towels are comfortable on your skin. That is why; you need to make sure that you buy the most suitable kind of towel that will last you a long time.
Today, you will find bath towels made of different kind of materials such as bamboo, linen, cotton or wood fiber. Each of these materials have different properties, and that is why, the various types of towels available on the racks of lifestyle, home and specialty stores have a different feel and level of absorbency to boast of. While some are organic, other bath towels are made through sustainable methods. Here’s what you need to consider when buying bath towels for yourself.
The Importance of Quality
Confused with regards to which towel to buy? Consider Egyptian Bath towels- they are of high quality, affordable, and soft on skin. Yes, quality is one of the most important factors that should influence your buying decisions. You should never compromise on quality, no matter what. It may cost you some extra money to begin with, but then, you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run. The best quality towels have tightly woven edges and hems along both the towel ends. The stitching on hemmed edges or bound edges are usually secure. Therefore, they do not unravel after a wash. The plain white Egyptian cotton bath towels are undoubtedly the best in quality and are perfect for home use as well as for commercial purposes.
Needs the Best Fibers
The best kinds of towels are the one which do not contain any extra chemicals. Look for the ‘organic’ certified towels. The ones with natural synthetic fibers are something that you definitely should avoid. These towels have polyester mixed in their fabrics and usually boast of low absorbency measures. They have a certain sheen and plushness which might seem very attractive at the onset, but which prove to have a very temporary existence. The softness that these towels possess disappears after a few uses. Also, with such towels, you will notice that there’s a gradual odor build up over time, and their absorption decrease when used regularly.
Thickness should be Properly Measured
The fabric density is actually the weight of the towel. It is measured in grams per square meter. The standard bath towels range from 500 grams per square meter to 700 grams per square meter and are considered to be moderately heavy. They are thick and very plush. This makes them ideal for use after a bath. If you do not want a plush or a heavy towel, then go for towels with lower GSM. They are flat, light, and comparatively thinner.
Highly Absorbent Ones are the Best
The fibers used in a towel determine its feel on your skin. These fibers determine how expertly the towel is going to absorb water, and also the amount of time it takes for the towel to dry completely. The organic cotton towels are available in a wide range of colors, designs and textures. They might be soft like the Egyptian cotton bath towels, or they could be coarse too. The organic linen towels are not as soft as the cotton ones. But the advantage that this kind of towel has over others is that it absorbs quickly and dries much faster. The linen towels have a coarse texture that becomes softer with every wash. They either have a flat woven style or the plush terry style. On the other hand, the bamboo viscose towels are extremely silky and soft to feel.
Color and Texture Adds Beauty
The most common kind of towels is the terry cloth towels. Their textures range from plain classic to fancy patterns and floral patterns. You could also opt for natural bath towels made of alternative fabrics used in linen bath towels or spa towels. However, the best kinds of towels are the Egyptian cotton bath towels. They are very absorbent. Supima cotton towels come next in line, followed by waffle towels. They are lightweight and have textured surfaces. Go for neutral colored towels that match every setting. But then, you could also buy contrasting colored towels for a quirky look.
Thread Count of Bathroom Towels
The construction of Egyptian cotton towels is arguably their most important attribute. In most cases, bath towels are made by using three fibers, or threads, that form loops or piles on the outer surface of linen. These threads are creatively combined during the weaving process to give off attractive designs that capture the eyeballs of buyers like you. The quality of the towel purchased by you will obviously vary in line with the kind of cotton put to use, along with the overall thickness of the fibers that are utilized for creating the three threads. The patterns that are effectively woven into the texture of these towels also manage to cast their impact upon the kind of threads that’s put into use.
In respect to bath towels that are marketed and manufactured by premium brands, the yarns tend to be grouped closer than those in the towels of comparatively inferior brands. With the absence of any gaping gaps or holes in between the threads used for making the towels, these pieces of linen always mange to give off their exquisite appeal, and are very luxuriant to use. Additionally, high quality bath towels also have tightly woven fibers with smoothly cut edges that stand up in the best possible way to give a thick and premium look. Not limp-looking or capable of getting frayed easily, they promise to last for a long time too.
So, the next time you go bath towel shopping, make a mental checklist including all these points and get the best out of them!

Coordinate your Sheets of Egyptian Cotton with Contrasting Duvet Cover Sets

Coordinate your Sheets of Egyptian Cotton with Contrasting Duvet Cover Sets
Did you know that your bed accessories can contribute largely towards enhancing the look of your room? Along with high quality bed sheets of Egyptian cotton, pick some attractive duvets and their covers too and create the personalized space that you always wanted to!
Duvets are responsible for a comfortable sleep during the night. If you want to keep your duvet in the best of condition, get a cover as soon as possible. These covers not only protect your cozy duvet but enhance the look of your room too. So, go ahead and choose your duvet cover from the wide range of styles and colors that are available these days.
Why a Cover is Important for your Duvet?
Goodquality duvets and comforters are quite expensive and that is why, you must take care of your duvets. Even if you have to spend some extra bucks for a duvet cover, it’s worth the investment. You would not like your new duvet to get spoiled too soon, right? In fact, this little expense at the outset will save you from spending more money in the long run, behind buying a new duvet just within a couple of years. Thus, to keep your cozy comforter free from dirt, dusts, and stains, do get a good quality cover.
Also, with a proper duvet cover, you don’t have to spend a lot on getting your duvets cleaned from time to time. Remember, not all types of comforters can be washed at home. Some need professional cleaning. So, if you have a cover for your duvet, and in case there is any accidental spill or stain, just shed off the cover and toss it into your washing machine. You will get a clean cover in no time. If your comforter is plain white, don’t make the mistake of using it without a cover. There are some beautiful patterned duvet covers available that will change the whole look of your bedding. If you have light solid colored walls and white sheets of Egyptian cotton on your bed, a patterned duvet cover will add colors to your room as well, thereby enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.
Do you have the Right Sized Cover?
While shopping for duvet covers and sheets of Egyptian cotton, size is one of the main criteria. You do need well-fitting bed linens to maintain the neat and crisp look of your room. The duvet cover set that you pick must match the size of your duvet. For example, if you have king size duvet but end up investing in a queen size cover, it won’t fit. That’s why; keep the dimensions handy when you are shopping for your cover online. Don’t buy according to the terms king size or queen size ; instead, keep the exact measurements in hand as different brands might have different size charts. The dimensions of a king size duvet cover of one particular brand might differ from that of another brand. Variation of a few inches in sizes is quite common too. So, be prepared from the beginning to save yourself from the disappointment caused due to mismatch of sizes.
What Material would you Prefer for your Duvet Cover?
Like comforters, duvet covers too are available in different kinds of materials. Silk covers are perfect if you want to create a luxurious ambience in your room. For cold, winter months, you could go for flannel cover sets. However, cotton duvets are the most popular options in the lot and can be used all across the year. Choose duvet covers that ably complement the interior decoration of your room. Solid colored cover sets are preferred by most, however, these days, people are opting for abstract designed covers too. Along with the cover of your comforter, your assembled duvet cover sets may comprise of coordinated pillow cases and bed skirts too. Additionally, you may like to get a little more creative with your duvet cover sets. Use contrasting styles and designs that go well with your sheetsof Egyptian cotton. This way, you can add a touch of contemporary look to your room. Buying multiple cover sets is a good idea as they help you change the covers from time to time and create a different look for your bedrooms, as and when you want.
Putting it On!
Probably like you, there are many others out there who struggle while putting on the cover over their comforters. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult if you have the correct sized cover sets. The easiest way to put on the duvet cover is to drape the cover over one corner at a time. Use a binder clip to fix each corner. After putting in all the four corners spread the duvet over your bed and flatten it from the centre. Then, shake your comforter /duvet in such a way that the cover fits into the duvet properly and stays snug! Don’t forget to remove the binder clips after you have successfully put the cover on.
The Last Word
So, instead of waiting any longer, start assessing your immediate and future needs with regards to perfect duvet covers for your residential or commercial space. As you cuddle into the soft sheets of Egyptian cotton laid on your bed, you will love to drape an attractively colored, covered comforter or duvet on yourself. Experience the coziness and warmth of your duvets in better ways with these smart covers in place. What’s more? With this right linen accessory at hand, you can rest assured of getting good returns from your investments in comforters and duvets, for years in a row.
All the best.

Add a Touch of Elegance to your Room with Egyptian Cotton Pillow Cases

Add a Touch of Elegance to your Room with Egyptian Cotton Pillow Cases
You might underestimate the value of pillowcases – they are just covers for things you don’t even use the entire day, right? But a good pillow case can help you transform the look of your bedrooms with just the right dash of aesthetic appeal. There are many home designers and owners who would go for the first samples they see in retail shop-windows, with the notion that these items are hardly worth giving a second thought to. This buying without reason is the go-to way for dampening the vibe and style of your bedroom. Instead, yourpurchase of Egyptian cotton pillow cases demands a wise assessment of the size of your pillows, their colors, thread counts, textures and so forth.
For best results, it is a good idea to look for these pillow cases in specialty stores, either online or offline. Manufactured by different brands of high repute, most pillow cases are designed to fit the standard sized pillows used for dressing up your bed as well as providing oodles of comfort while you are asleep. Boasting of long-lasting Egyptian cotton materials, they go a long way in adding a beautiful dimension to your existing bed sheets, comforters, duvets, and other covers. Here are some handy tips for setting the right tone by livening up your bedroom with the ease and comfort offered by contemporary as well as conventional types of pillow cases.
Sizes, Styles and Designs
Firstly, determine the exact size and shape of the pillow cases that you may require on a regular and intermittent basis– square, standard, queen, or king size. These are available in numerous colors, prints and thread counts, all of which are to be considered before making the purchase. Moreover, you may like to match these pillow covers with your existing room décor or the linen that occupies a pride of place in your cupboard. With a wide range of textures and designs to choose from, you will obviously be spoiled for choice.
Square Pillowcase
The square, or European, pillowcases are usually available in sizes starting from 40.6 x 40.6 square centimeters to 66 x 66 square centimeters. Boating of attractive stripes, polka-dots, animal prints, or the evergreen paisley, they are certainly a delight to have at hand. Also, you can find them in different colors such as solid shades of red, blue, white, and black. Apart from cotton, these pillow cases are also available in velvet and flannel, thus giving you a lot of variety when it comes to choosing the right ones for your bedrooms. However, if you are looking for something for regular use, or the ones that are comfortable to the core, then consider white or pastel colored Egyptian cotton pillow cases, you will not be disappointed.
Standard Pillowcase
This cover fits most pillows and has a measurement, commonly, of 50.8x76.2 square centimeters. Since this is the most popular used size, while buying the same, you only need to select from among the many colors, prints, textures and thread counts present in the market. These cases are usually found in blue, white, red, pink, and multi-colored hues. You may also choose from their different patterns of floral, plaid, paisley, geometric and animal prints.
Queen Pillowcases
These are the most common size after standard sized pillowcases. They are available with physical dimensions of 50.8 x 76.2 square centimeters. Frequently used for bigger-sized pillows, they look quite appealing on larger beds. These queen pillowcases can be purchased in common red, white, blue, black, beige and ivory; and also in the form of stripes, floral or animal print patterns. Their thread count starts from 200 to a fine 1000, often even more, and differ from one manufacturer to the other.
King Pillowcase
This one is the largest available pillow cases on the racks, only seconded by the body pillow. These king pillowcases are usually sized at 50.8 x 91.4 square centimeters. Most appropriate for king and California king beds, they are also found in softer, more sophisticated shades of pink, white, black, grey and ivory and with patterns of stripes, floral, animal prints and embroidered motifs.
Materials for the Right Pillowcase
Comfort is the main factor that is to be considered when buying the perfect pillowcase. You definitely want something soft, smooth, and snug when you put down your head to rest. When shopping, pick something that is instantly soft and comfortable to touch. You don’t want scratchy, rough, and stiff pillows, right? So, spend good time in selecting high-quality pillow cases only Remember, the higher the number of threads, the finer and softer the material of your pillow case will be.
Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase
Cotton from the yarn or thread is used for making the fabric for pillow cases. Since Egyptian cotton is soft and versatile as a material, you may get pillowcases in various patterns and colors – blues, reds, whites, animal prints, floral, paisley – you just have to name it. Egyptian cotton is also one of the easiest fabrics to wash and maintain. Just toss your Egyptian cotton pillowcases into the washing machine and dry them in the dryer, or hand-wash them normally.
The Aesthetic Appeal
You must consider the prevalent theme of your rooms for which you want your pillow cases. With well-coordinated pillow cases, you will successfully enhance the look of any room. The fabric’s texture is also an important factor for conveying the feel and setting the mood of your bedroom. In other words, Egyptian cotton pillow cases are perfect for almost all types of interiors and add that much-needed touch of elegance to your rooms. It is a good idea to purchase multiple pillow cases of different colors and patterns. This way, you can play with your different pillow cases at different times and add different hues and moods to your room from time to time.
If you have never really paid much attention to your pillow cases, it’s time to do so now. Buy a set of Egyptian cotton pillow cases and sleep comfortably at nights!

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Top Reasons for Loving Linen Bed Sheets

Top Reasons for Loving Linen Bed Sheets
Manufactured from flax fibers, it is a known fact that linen has been around for thousands of years now, and ranks high among the world’s oldest fabrics. For generations in a row, linen has been purchased and appreciated for its application in different kinds of bedding products. Why so? Here, we help you take a closer look at why linen is considered to be the ultimate fabric for contemporary bedding, and for many good reasons too.
Why Choose Linen Bedding?
In general, a luxurious linen bed sheet set would be loved for its soft and elegant appeal. But is that all? Like all other linen bedding that are considered to be stylish and buy-worthy, linen bed sheets are also making it to the wish list of 5 star hotels, celebrities, and homeowners desirous of buying nothing but the best. With a diverse range of pillows, linen bed sheets, and duvets to choose from, linen bedding buyers are obviously spoiled for choice.

Measuring the Quality of your Bath Towels is Easy

Measuring the Quality of your Bath Towels is Easy
Did you know that high-quality and very absorbent bath towels are preshrunk while going through their manufacturing processes, to minimize shrinkage after they have been washed for the first time? Well, these and many other similar facts will help you gauge the final quality of the towels invested in by you, and provide you good returns for your money. Yes, the overall quality of your bath towels would mean a world of difference in feeling pampered and warm after you step out of your shower or bath; especially when you are shivering and wet. 
Here, we help you take a closer look on how to measure the quality of bathroom linen, and understand whether you are investing in a good product, or going for the brand name only. For instance, there are certain markers like construction, fiber, and weight that require careful consideration and ensure that you get every penny’s worth for your buys. Read on for more!
Take a Look at the Fibers on Offer
In general, quality bath towels are usually made of three different types of cotton: Egyptian, standard, or Supima. Then, there are combed cotton towels that remove shorter threads, thereby preventing pilling and ensuring strong towels. In case you are looking for the highest quality and most absorbent cotton fibbers, then you need to look around for bath linen made of the finest Egyptian cotton. This fabric produces the longest threads of all and is absorbent and soft too.
Supima, that’s grown in some parts of United States, is known to last longer than Egyptian cotton, but has shorter threads, thereby making it feel less lush than others in the fray. Though considered to be low down on the list of fibers used for making bathroom towels, standard cotton is also a useful material for making good-quality towels. Overall, you need to look around for fibers that are woven for creating a velvety, soft touch, and carry a bit of weight. The ones with scratchy, thin fibers are best avoided as they tend to fray off very soon, maybe after a few washes.
Egyptian cotton towels are some of the finest in the industry, and are very popular for their construction, fabric, and absorbency powers – go for them, you will not be disappointed.
Construction of Bathroom Towels
One of the important indicators of bath towel quality is obviously its construction. In general, most towels are manufactured by using three threads, or fibers, that form loops or piles on the surface of linen. The threads are combined while the weaving process is going on to give off specific patterns. Here, the towel quality varies in line with the type of cotton, as well as the thickness of the fabric required for making the three threads. The woven pattern also casts its impact upon the type of threads that are put to use.
In case of bath towels marketed by premium brands, the yarns are grouped closer than those towels that are of much inferior quality. With no gaping holes or gaps appearing between their yarns, these towels are obviously more luxuriant than the rest. Also, good quality towels have tightly woven fibers that have been cut off finely, with a view of making them stand up to perfection. Far from being thin and limp, these towels give off a hairy appearance, and do not fray easily.
High Absorbency is a Must

The loops, or the pile, as they are ordinarily called, are responsible for carrying moisture into the towel’s fabric. If you observe carefully, you will see the presence of narrow loops in high-quality towels. They are capable of absorbing more moisture than others and are equipped for holding water content for longer periods too. It is at the base of these towels where all excessive moisture is stored. Yes, the base, being thicker and denser than the yarns used for constructing the pile, are capable of absorbing all the excessive water, and holding the same too. In some cases, inferior quality bath towels manufacturers use softeners for masking their poor absorbency levels. Be careful.
One of the best ways of understanding the absorbency measure of a towel is by testing the same by pouring a little water on the surface. Good quality bath linen will absorb the moisture as soon as it comes in contact with the same, leaving the surrounding areas dry and as good as before. This is true in case of Egyptian cotton bath towels. On the other hand, if you find water beads spreading over the surface of your shortlisted towels and wetting them deeply, it is best to avoid those products altogether; they are of inferior quality.
Way Forward with Lush Bathroom Towels
Regardless of whether you plan to enjoy a huge pile of bath towels that adds up to the glam quotient of your bathroom, or are looking forward to dressing yourself up in a warm and thick one after a bath, Egyptian cotton linen is what you should be looking at too. With a large enough collection of small, medium and big – sized towels by your side, you can have the finest in luxury and comfort alike.
Are you ready to invest in the best towels after having a good enough look at their quality? Go ahead, with these tips and guidelines in place, you can say “hello” to your best bathing times ahead.

Duvet Cover Sets – Yes, they are a must for you too!

Duvet Cover Sets – Yes, they are a must for you too!
If you are still wondering about the utility of duvet cover sets, and whether they are an essential addition for your linen cupboard, then you are in the right place indeed. Here, we help you understand the features and functions of duvet covers and why they are “must-haves” for you. In a nutshell, it will surely suffice to say that cotton duvet covers are as useful for your comforters, in the same way that pillow cases are for your pillows. 
Duvet, an old French term for down, is oft-used these days for describing synthetic and fine down comforters. These duvets have to be covered properly at all times, for retaining their softness and original looks alike. So, read on to get a closer look at how comforter coversets are making it to the top of the shopping lists of residential and commercial buyers alike.

Soften your Sheets of Egyptian Cotton – the Correct Way!

Soften your Sheets of Egyptian Cotton – the Correct Way!

Be it a fine hotel or your master bedroom that takes pride in its sheets of Egyptian cotton, all settings look forward to offering the right comfort metrics with soft fabrics in place. Prized for their durability and softness quotients, Egyptian cotton sheet sets are known for their high-thread count and are the right way to go.
But then, in spite of being purchased from the best Egyptian linens outlet, these sheets tend to be a tad coarse and hard when taken out of their new packets. Regular wash and the use of high-quality softeners make them all the more comfortable and softer over time. Do you know that the presence of chemicals in these Egyptian cottonsheets make them rough textured in the beginning? Constant and regular washing goes a long way in draining out these chemicals and making the sheets soft to touch.